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THREE IN A ROW!!! Bryan Heitkotter WINS GT-A Class Round 9 of #PWCCTMP #gamerwinsagain #Nissan #NISMO #alwaysevolving #replayxd #NISMO #pirelli #AE05 #momo

1 week ago

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Indra Kakashinice1 week ago

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First test. We're amazed that the drivetrain stayed together. The car needs a diffuser and a front wing. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Video screenshot

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Jay CottrellCrazy Canadians.1 week ago

Ian ThomasBrushless and Lipo...1 week ago

Bev MaratElle envoi1 week ago

Steve FordLooks like you had the new Indy aero kit on it...1 week ago

Kaio Rosa LimaPor maneiro tem como você mandar um pra mim1 week ago

Brad ElkinsIt's not a big enough toy ?1 week ago

Alex WachsmannBeautiful 993 turbo!1 week ago

Kent MainsI'd move the Porsche.1 week ago

Andrey Viales GutièrrezQ rapido1 week ago

Jeff EdenAnimal1 week ago

Sadman Sakib RahmanAjay Singh Raphael Choudhury2   ·  1 week ago

Valentin ValentinAlexandre Claudin1   ·  1 week ago

Iwan ThomasHarry Cruickshank we need one of these1 week ago

Rodney B-KatJustin Maximillian Bowie1   ·  1 week ago

Jeremy Ste-marieFélix Choinière1 week ago

Danny NguyenTravis Johnson1 week ago

Rodney B-KatCraig Nichols1 week ago

Alexis Meraz CarrascoMichelle Baez quiero uno asi1 week ago

Aljhon Solis SacroJerickson Solis Sacro1 week ago

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0-100 mph in 3.8 . ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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AIM AutosportCars has all traxxas xo1 guts . In a modified thunder tiger buggy. Center Drivetrain has all been appoxied solid.1 week ago

AIM AutosportThe Car is made at our race shop .1 week ago

Saurabh Sharma0-60 mph is the standard unit of thrust calculation For 0-100 we take kmph that's equivalent to 0-60 mph 0-100 mph is not a standard system of thrust measurement.1   ·  1 week ago

Jonathan Ortiz-BrunoSuper size it1 week ago

Tilak RanjanSuper1 week ago

Edward GameDawg CoxDamn that's fast1 week ago

Moon KalairWhat's the price. End we're to buy1 week ago

Syed Mustafa ZaidiI had this 4 years back :31 week ago

Chris GraefThat's crazy!1 week ago

Bảo TrầnBán ko1 week ago

William Phillipsnice! Brushless?1 week ago

Simranjeet SinghI gona buy This.1 week ago

Alexis G Cabrerauu ta re piola cuanto sale.??1 week ago

Priyankuu MahatoExcellent1 week ago

Jamie Clementsthat is cool1 week ago

Harsha Baddigamyes that's cool1 week ago

Brett Blaze ThompsonAnd looks like a rtr pre built. Not a race buggy. Will still b fine. But will break easy dude.1 week ago

Brett Blaze ThompsonSweet. But it will never reach 100 b4 itshreads its tires. Its simalar. But its electric dude1 week ago

Ralph Hechanovameron ako danyan1 week ago

Muhammad HamzaWhats a car1 week ago

Simon Richard Miller ButlinIs this a nitro car Brett Blaze Thompson ????? If not then what is it because it looks a bit like yours !!!!!!1 week ago

Dominik KlimekNice4 days ago

Jakub TańskiCool1 week ago

Jeremy Ste-marieFélix Choinière1 week ago

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